5,000 one-of-a-kind cute, fluffy NFT balls of fluff. Launching soon on the Ethereum blockchain.

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About the Fluffs

CryptoFluffs are a family of 5,000 one-of-a-kind, cute, collectible NFT balls of fluff. They live on the Ethereum blockchain but will soon be seeking human companionship for the first time. They are meant to be collected, traded, shared, and loved.

A carefully crafted system of rarity.

Randomness may create variety, which is the spice of life, but randomness alone does not create the characteristics. The likelihood of every distinct trait that appears was carefully calculated mathematically to ensure a balance of variety and rarity.

The rarity of each trait falls into one of four tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare. Once every CryptoFluff has been minted and found its home, we will publish the exact numbers for each trait of every CryptoFluff. With this information, collectors can rest assured that the rarity and provenance of each item in their collection is documented and official.

Organically diverse.

Just because two fluffs happen to be the same color doesn’t make them identical twins. To keep the collection diverse, a number of characteristics are subtly different between every single CryptoFluff. You’ll find that any given CryptoFluff can vary in height, stance, eye distance, arm position, and most importantly their fluff…

Every. Single. Hair.

Unlike other sets of generative NFT collectibles, CryptoFluffs aren’t just the same character “photoshopped” to look different. Every single hair on each CryptoFluff is singular and unique. Every. Single. Hair. The position, length, clump, curl, and frizz vary infinitely from one to the next.

No two match because, well, how could two fluffy creatures possibly match?

Individually ray-traced and rendered.

Most NFT collectibles are randomly assembled stacks of flat images (even the “3D” ones), but not CryptoFluffs. Every CryptoFluff image is a truly singular 3D render, with ray-traced lighting, using Cinema 4D and Redshift. What this means is otherwise impossibly realistic detail in lighting and reflections. Hats cast shadows onto every hair, eyes catch reflections of hair and the environment, and shadows on the ground change along with each character’s height. If you look really closely, you’ll even see the reflection of a CryptoFluff’s shoes at the bottom of their big glossy eyes.

Rumour has it...

The vast majority of CryptoFluffs all seem to be of the same species… but a small handful appear to be cut from a different cloth. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across one of these special little guys, you’ll know it. The CryptoFluff Gods themselves (Joseph) reached down and hand crafted these Legendary Fluffs to be coveted on a different scale altogether.

Traits and Rarity

Each CryptoFluff comes with its own unique traits, categorized into a tier based system. Traits belong to one of 4 tiers of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Super Rare.

Rumors exist of an extremely small number of highly unique Cryptofluffs known as Legendary.

4726 CryptoFluffs
have a Common Saturation type
0 CryptoFluffs
have a Uncommon Saturation type
250 CryptoFluffs
have a Rare Saturation type
24 CryptoFluffs
have a SuperRare Saturation type


What are CryptoFluffs?

CryptoFluffs are a collection of fluffy NFT characters designed by Joseph Angelo Todaro (jatodaro), that have been minted to the Ethereum blockchain. There are a total of 5,000 fluffs, all with unique traits ranging from Common through to Mythical. They live on the Ethereum blockchain but will soon be seeking human companionship for the first time. They are meant to be collected, traded, shared, and loved.

How much do they cost?

Each CyrptoFluff will be priced at 0.05 Eth.

When will you launch?

A main launch date will be announced soon, starting with an initial pre-sale of just 500 CryptoFluffs. Please join the Discord to stay in the loop.

How do I participate in the pre-sale?

To participate in the pre-sale you must whitelist your wallet address using Metamask at Only whitelisted wallet addresses will be able to purchase pre-sale CryptoFluffs. For the main release you will not need to whitelist your wallet address.

What will I need to purchase a CryptoFluff?

You will need to have the Metamask browser extension installed with a minimum of 0.05 Eth deposited to a given account. New to Crypto? Hit us up in discord - we are more than happy to have newcomers join us on this adventure and will do our best to help you get started!

Who is behind CryptoFluffs?

The CryptoFluffs team is Joseph Angelo Todaro (@Jatodaro) – 3D and Elliott Risby (@0xELLIOTT) – Website and Dev.